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About the client

Securitas' Aviation Division offers aviation security services including screening, passenger and cargo profiling, air policing programs and security consulting. Securitas Air Transport Security (SATT) is a joint venture between Securitas and Airports that serves to provide aviation security services at airports worldwide.
Securitas is a global security services company with more than 300,000 employees in 53 countries. It provides its customers with reliable security solutions tailored to their individual needs.

The opportunity

User experience re-design, user interface design, web design, front-end and back-end development, user testing, training and support.

Our role

Our client was looking for a digital transformation, in order to optimize all processes and add value to airport security activities through technology. We improved their processes, in terms of control, management, review and monitoring of the operation, creating an area of operation and productive capacity.

What we did

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