Discovery: The Auxo Method

In principle, approaches to the product are based on linking the estimation process to the construction process (becoming one / assigning a time and cost variable to each stage of work), however the latter has no certainty as such. We are faced with a scenario where without hesitation, and without the proper study (although we do not set aside the weight of experience, which can dictate this behavior) the perception towards the product is based on some common principles among several industry references, the macro estimation, the experience towards this type of projects and products, and of course improvisation. This last one, it is worth mentioning, makes a colloquial dent in the phrase "improvising is not improvising" which in a few words means that with the right knowledge, previously acquired and trained skills and abilities (within the team and the structure of the product manager), we could "surf" comfortably and safely on that cushion of knowledge, equipment and experience that has been given to us, However, it is worth noting that each of these processes are based on a proper structuring of the processes and that although they are consistent with the way in which the construction perceives the product, it has to be fully contrasted with the industry and the chronological point where we are, thus making use of the mix of different disciplines that can help us to support and deliver a product of high quality, care and work.

However, at Auxo we want to turn the board upside down and retake (or redefine) a path increasingly focused on the search and resolution of problems, which in turn can make full use of its consulting work and co-create with all those involved the best way to approach the problem and turn it into an opportunity. We define the requirements by discovering the origin of the problem and for this we generate the space that allows us to discover the real critical points and sculpt the opportunity.

We will call this, within the professional appreciation for methodologies, respect for scientific, technical and creative processes, The Auxo Method: an amalgam of processes and logical sequences that have led us to structure and define objectives by approaching them through flexible steps and tools, which as a team, analogous to a system of gears, form an organism for adaptability and research methodologies. We faithfully appropriate user-centered practices and incorporate them into our construction process.

Now, the process within its poetics wants to highlight the user as the central axis of all construction and focus its adequate study and understanding within the business model and the operating model, it is convenient not to leave behind that this system of gears comprises a structure quite based on the conformation of the team and the link between product design and development and their respective IT managers.

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